Have Fun with These Online Lottery Games

There are multitudes of ways to win money on the internet from sportsbooks, to casinos and more, yet still, the humble online lottery remains one of the most fun ways to play for big bucks! If you're looking to expand your knowledge of online lottery and lottery tickets visit uslottoresults today and discover where to find and buy free online lottery tickets - all with a single click of a button. Instead of having to go out wasting gas and your time to purchase lottery tickets, simply sit back on your couch with your computer and watch your winnings grow.

Why are Lotto Games so Popular?

Online lottery games are popular with people from all walks of life partly due to the ease of playing, the low stakes involved, as well as the shallow learning curve. Another big plus is that unlike online poker, these games are fast, so if you don't have a long time to sit around and play, then online lottery games might just be perfect for you. Read on to find out more about the different types of online lotto games you can play today:

Traditional Style Lottery

By far, the most popular online lottery game is a traditional style lotto. These games are extremely simple; the player chooses 5 numbers from a set range (example 1 to 69), and then one bonus number, from a different range of numbers (example 1 to 25). At the time of drawing, 5 numbers are selected at random from the first batch, and then one from the second; the aim is to correctly guess which numbers will be drawn. To win the jackpot, just guess all six numbers correctly!

Scratch Cards

Online scratch cards are a fun way to play online. They work just as they do when you purchase them from a store; you buy your card, and you (virtually) scratch off the foil covering the numbers. The best part about online scratch cards is that there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of different versions, with stakes to suit all budgets, and all offering different prizes. A typical example of an online scratch card lottery game is one where the player must match three identical amounts, and whatever that amount is, is what they would win.


Keno is another simple, but fun online lottery game. In Keno, a player chooses their numbers, they then choose how much they'd like to bet in each drawing, before choosing the number of games they want to take part in. Then the fun begins! The numbers are drawn, and the more matches you get, the more you win. Keno has an element of strategy in that you can choose as few, or as many numbers (up to the game's limit) as you like. The more you choose, the greater your odds of winning, but the greater your stake!