The Womens World Cup 2015 In Canada - What An Amazing Success!

Without a shadow of a doubt the Womens World Cup 2015 Canada experience excelled in every department possible with the one possible exception of refereeing standards, and nobody would really jump on their high horse about that, especially any of the folks at Grizzly Gambling!

The Womens World Cup 2015 in Canada was such a refreshing event. People couldn't get enough of the girls who played these games with amazing guts, determination and desire.

No rolling over looking for penalties or complaining to referees every two minutes, and there were some bad decision given as slo-mo replays showed.

No, all the girls from all the competing country oozed class and finesse and showed what real soccer is all about. The World Cup 2015 Canada experience will forever be remembered as the World Cup, where history for the ladies was really made in spite of Canada not making the Finals.

During the 2-3 week period the Womens World Cup 2015 in Canada games were played, most of Europe stayed up in to the early hours of the morning due to the time difference just so they wouldn't miss a minute.

There were plenty of records that were made along the way including:

USA claiming their 3rd historic title

Average Attendance: 26, 029

Total Attendance: 1,353, 506

Seven Matches with over 50,000 in attendance

146 Goals Scored

England achieving a historic first victory against the Germans after 18 defeats and 2 draws!

As a side note, on Saturday Aug 1, 2015, the two finalists Chelsea and Notts County fought out the UK's Women's FA Cup Final for the very first time ever at the Wembley National Stadium in London.

Many will remember Eniola Aluko from her exploits in Canada and adding to her Bronze medal from the tournament, she now has a Women's FA Cup medal her third, being a three-time winner of the Cup.

This event prior to the Womens World Cup 2015 in Canada would have hardly been noticed, but since the fantastic tournament in Canada and how well the British girls did coming third, the Final on Saturday, attracted over 30,000 fans.

That's totally astonishing and it won't be long at all before everyone will have posters of the girls adorning their bedroom walls instead of the likes of Ronaldo and Neymar, Suarez, and Messi of Barcelona. Not before time either, how things are changing since that incredible tournament!